Juice fast- Day 3

November 20, 2012

Ok I am hungry today, and so is my husband….all he can talk about is pizza, french fries, chocolate, ice cream, and more pizza, pizza pizza! My husband is considering stopping the fast tomorrow. I won’t go into all the negativity my husband has talked about today, but I will give him credit he has stuck it out.  And  I know he does want a healthier diet, he isn’t really prepared to give up his food either, I figure he’s been going along with all of this for me.

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He says this fast is turning him completely off of fruits and vegetables (nice way to try to convince me).  He can’t stomach the smell of the juice…haha…even the smell of the juice on my breath is making his stomach turn (nice).  He is going to finish day 3 and then tomorrow he said he’s taking a pizza day, and after that he will be adding juice to day, just not cutting out food.  So I can live with that.  I am really hoping my hunger is gone by tomorrow.

So this is what I have noticed so far …btw everyday even yesterday Hubby and I both felt better and worse, yesterday it was mostly worse for me and today it’s mostly better!

  • I woke up this morning with sleep in my eyes, I never do
  • I have had two almost pimples come out and then fade away
  • My skin colour is much lighter and cleared
  • I have the formation of two canker sores in my mouth
  • I feel more physically energetic
  • Actually felt like exercising (but didn’t)
  • I feel less mentally sharp
  • I am thirsty ( I am never usually thirsty)
  • Having trouble swallowing the vegetable juices
  • Enjoy the plainer fruit juices
  • Worried about making the whole 10 days, but determined to do so!
  • Only had three small headaches today, nothing to drastic
  • The joints in my body that I have suffered with the last year seem to be getting better
  • I wasn’t stiff in the morning
  • My elbows (which always hurt hardly hurt at all)
  • The skin on my face is looking really oily, but my legs are really dry.
  • Weird but I took a nap today and every time I turned or moved I heard a popping noise in my joints, it didn’t hurt, but it was strange.

So I figure with the canker and the skin stuff going on, the toxins are really starting to leave my system.  I am praying that tomorrow is a better day!  Especially if I am going it alone.  It wasn’t a BAD day, I feel almost too hyper, and can’t concentrate, so I ended up not going to work very long today, I only looked after the essentials and went home.

So I will update in the am with the weight lost from day three!


Husband did not make the third day, he ordered a PIZZA!


Fortunately I don’t like pizza and he did put hot peppers on it, to make sure I didn’t have a bite …..guess I doing alone …lol

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